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Everything is possible. That is our vision. Welcome to the world of Mobius 3D Technologies. We bring ground-breaking designs and limitless manufacturability of metal products for your organization. We do this by applying advanced 3D printing technologies.

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Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) will redefine the concept of manufacturability. Our technology offers the possibility to produce metal products without geometry restrictions. An endless variety of products can be produced without having to adjust the production process. Additive Manufacturing offers your organization the opportunity to become or remain the market leader in your industry through optimal and unique designs. This technology offers a wide range of competitive advantages. Your organization can achieve these competitive advantages by applying Additive Manufacturing in the right way. The end result of course depends on the knowledge and experience in both the design and manufacturing process.

Every day we work with a passionate team to continually optimize the design and print process. We are known for our knowledge and drive to innovate in the world of Additive Manufacturing. Mobius 3D Technologies offers a combination of Additive Manufacturing and advanced machining possibilities. Open communication lines and short delivery times are what you can expect from us.


Mobius is active in the following sectors:

3D Print Platforms

Small Series & Prototypes

Mobius 3D Technologies works together with various 3D IT platforms. If there is free space on a build-plate next to parts of direct customers, parts can be printed that have been requested via these IT platforms. However, this method is not our preference, precisely because the IT printing platforms seldom allow you to communicate directly. One on one contact with the customer gives the customer the opportunity to get the most out of the advantages of 3D printing. That is why we prefer to work together with the customer in an open and transparent communication structure. By sharing our knowledge, we can achieve the greatest benefit for the customer.


Medical Implants & Tools

In collaboration with University Medical Centers, Mobius 3D technologies works on instruments and medical applications that are manufactured entirely according to ISO 13485 and used in Maxillofacial surgery and orthopaedics.


High-Speed Deliveries

For one of the leading F1 teams, we produce products from Aluminium and Titanium. They choose for Mobius 3D Technologies because we respond totally to their needs, namely speed. We are able to deliver ultra-light weight components with short lead times. To this end, we have set up a 'fast track' in our factory where we can (re) design products within a few days, 3D printing, stress-free annealing and finish machining so that the customer can see new improvements between two F1 races.


Inboard & Outboard Parts

Mobius 3D Technologies supports international manufacturers with further development of the concept phase into the practical feasibility of components. In close consultation we assess how the best of 3D printing and machining can be combined, while retaining the functionality of the design, within the customers budget. In addition to sharing knowledge and experience, Mobius 3D Technologies prints the products and finishes the printed components with one of our many 5-axis milling machines.


Luxury Design One-offs

Mobius 3D Technologies develops 3D printed stainless steel parts for exclusive high-performance yachts. It is important that the components are lightweight, have a high gloss finish and a different design can be used for each project.

Due to the relatively low start-up costs of Additive Manufacturing, the customer can position himself competitively in the market and also offer a unique product.


Energy Efficient Design 

Additive manufacturing offers a perfect solution for weight optimization, energy-absorbing and energy-efficient designs. These properties give the possibility to meet the increase in performance requirements, without the limitations of traditional production techniques. Mobius 3D Technologies offers car manufacturers and suppliers the possibility to integrate these complex functionalities in an economically efficient way.


Oil & Gas, Wind & Hydro power

Parts made of Inconel 625 and 718 usually have a very high cost price and long delivery times with traditional manufacturing methods. Mobius 3D technologies offers companies in the oil & gas industry the opportunity to obtain small series of products from Inconel 625 & Inconel 718 economically, with very short delivery times, including the required certification. Likewise, we offer innovative energy companies the opportunity to quickly produce prototypes with us for designs that were never possible before.

Food & Dairy

Advanced & Hygienic Parts

Mobius 3D Technologies works with various companies in the food industry for which we print various complex parts and entire systems, according to ISO 9001, from meat processing machines, fruit-peeling machines, dairy machines to packaging machines.


High-Quality Materials

Mobius 3D Technologies cooperates with various toolmakers for 3D metal printing of complex tools and systems with hardened steels. Mobius 3D Technologies has reliable partners in the field of machine finishing such as turning, milling and grinding. 

Our Proposal

We map out your wishes. Then we will start working for you. The print process consists of the following steps.



Targeted advice and associated work preparation is the most important step in the process. We distinguish ourselves by our strong mechanical and metallurgical knowledge, which we put to use when assessing your wishes.



We achieve the best quality with carefully chosen process parameters, which result from our in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of 3D metal printing. Product certification and material certification is possible. The process is carried out completely according to ISO 9001.

Aluminium 3D print


Choosing the best post-processing techniques results in products of the best precision and finishing. We are a one-stop shop for 3D printing, 5-axis CNC milling, more -axis CNC turning, surface treatments and assembly.

Frequently asked questions

We produce in Aluminium (AlSi10Mg (B)), Stainless Steel (316L, 1.4404), Titanium (TiAl6V4, grade 23) and Inconel (ASTM B446-03 UNS N06625). We are always looking for new opportunities with other materials and we are open for suggestions. If sufficient demand presents itself, we will expand our assortment. Please contact us if the desired material is not in our assortment yet.

Yes. The properties of our materials are comparable with the properties of similar products from casting alloys. In order to achieve the right quality, we have a worldclass quality management system with which we constantly monitor the production process. In addition, we continuously carry out research, during which we test the unlimited possibilities of the 'Additive Manufacturing' technique. Do you want more information about the material properties? Please contact us for a free visit from one of our engineers.

Our maximum 3d-print build volume is 245 x 245 x 280 mm. Sometimes larger products fit in to the build volume by use of carefully placed sections of the product. Even if you have larger products, please contact us. We do like to take on new challenges and look for a solution within our available network.

We can print within +/- 0.1 mm accuracy when a large part of the build-plate is used for one product. For smaller products the accuracy is +/- 0.1 to +/- 0.05 mm. With CNC post-processing, we can achieve more accurate results up to +/- 0.005 mm.

The delivery time for printed products is usually less than 3 weeks. We also have a fast track for products that require shorter delivery times (<1 week).

Additive manufacturing offers many advantages. With this technique complex forms can be produced, material usage is minimal and production is executed without complicated tools, casting moulds or machining programs. In addition, several complex parts can be integrated into one part which needs an assembly with traditional manufacturing techniques. In case your product has complex forms for machining, or is made from a raw material with a high cost price, requires a rapid delivery time or a combination of these factors, 3D printing is certainly an economical production technique! Please do the test here!

The cost price is determined by, amongst other things, the time required for the work preparation for your specific request. In addition, the cost price is mainly determined by the print height. The higher the product, the more layers the machine needs to process. However, due to our knowledge and experience, we can combine many products on one build-plate and keep the costs as low as possible.

Material consumption is extremely efficient and the non-fused printing powder is recycled. Precious materials can therefore be offered at a competitive price.

Post machining (finishing) is dependent on the requirements. Is there a special surface treatment required after printing? We can offer all sorts of surface treatments, that is part of our capabilities.


Our way of working

Mobius 3D Technologies is continuously pushing the limits of 3D-printing. This is precisely why we offer more than just high quality products. With our in-depth knowledge we consult on functionality and optimization of products for their particular printing process.

How do we help?



We like to think along with you about how we can make the product suitable for 3D printing. We also offer an explanation on how you can design for Additive Manufacturing, enabling the full potential of 3D-printing. We can also assist in design of products that meet your functional requirements and demands.



3D printing offers unprecedented design freedom. It is often possible to modify existing designs for 3D-printing and improve the product and its capabilities. We use the most advanced design and FEM programs to facilitate your needs in the redesign proces.


One-Stop Shop

Thinking along with you about the design of your product gives us the possibility to 3D-print in the perfect way. You are also at the right address for high-quality machining and top quality is guaranteed. We are a one-stop shop for the most demanding high-tech industries.

“I have been very happy to see generally, a very good build quality of parts”

Technical Buyer, Formula One Team


What you can expect from us

At Mobius 3D technologies we are passionate about printing metals. We know the value and potential that printing brings for innovative designs and the realization of the additional challenges in manufacturing. We continuously advance the technology and always achieve the best result. We achieve this by being engaged with the customer, perform research and actively innovate in the industry.



Direct contact with the customer. High-quality printing requires more than just loading a design and pressing the button. To achieve the best result, a functional understanding of the component is of great importance.


Analyzing the unprecedented possibilities of the technology by doing our own research. We continuously spend time on materials research and constantly increase our knowledge of the technology.


Together we can examine which products can be used with Additive Manufacturing and improve the functionality of the product and the efficiency of the production process at the same time.

50 tips voor 3d printen

Download hier onze tips en tricks voor metaal 3D printen.


The benefits of 3D-printing

Additive Manufacturing offers limitless possibilities in the production of metal products.

Below are a number of advantages for this production techniques.

Free-form design: limitless possibilities.

Mass optimization or weight saving by applying hollow structures, lattice structures and topology optimization.

Integrated functionalities such as cooling channels, hinges and internal structures.

Material savings through efficient use and reuse of print powder.

The Mobius team

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Boris van Putten
Engineering & Operations

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Marit Buitenhuis
Medical Engineer

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Naomi de Winter
Medical Engineer

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Jasper Bakker
Production Manager


Working with Mobius 3D Technologies

If you are inspired by exploring the possibilities of 3D printing , or already have experience and are looking for a reliable supplier of 'cutting edge' technology, then please contact us at the following e-mail address or phone number.

Mobius 3D Technologies is part of United Dutch Industries, a group of Dutch companies focused on offering the most competitive, innovative, reliable & experience in engineering, combining 3D printing, machining operations, system assembly and industrial repairs.

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