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At Mobius 3D Technologies, we are passionate about metal 3D printing products for a variety of industries, particularly medical device design and manufacturing. We understand the value and potential that printing brings to innovative designs and overcoming the added challenges of manufacturing. Mobius 3D Technologies is constantly pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and metalworking. This is why we offer more than just quality products. With our accumulated knowledge, we offer advice on functionality and optimising products for the printing process.

Mobius 3D Technologies is constantly pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and metalworking. This is why we offer more than just quality products. With our accumulated knowledge, we offer advice on functionality and optimising products for the printing process.


Materials: Aluminium AlSi10Mg(B) | Stainless steel AlSl 316L | Titanium Ti6Al4V | other materials on request
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Mobius is active in the medical sector

In collaboration with the clinic, Mobius 3D Technologies creates cutting edge medical devices. Our devices are manufactured to meet ISO 13485 standards, primarily for use in maxillofacial surgery and orthopaedics.

Medical projects

Patients with laryngeal cancer breathe through a stoma in the neck instead of through the nose and mouth after a total laryngectomy. As air is no longer inhaled through the nose, the air is cooler and less humid. The use of a Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) can restore the important heating and humidification function. The PURINOX HME was developed using innovative design and advanced 3D metal printing technology, which aids in excellent humidification. At the same time, the resistance of the PURINOX HME remains low. In combination with a voice prosthesis, the PURINOX HME also enables speech by simply closing the ergonomically designed openings of the PURINOX HME with thumb and forefinger without applying pressure to your stoma.

Patients who have had a total laryngectomy for cancer of the larynx can speak by covering the stoma with their hand. Many patients find this uncomfortable as it constantly highlights their disability when speaking and they lose a hand. Hands-free speech is possible with an automatic speech valve. However, many (~80%) of patients are unable to speak 'hands-free' with this. The sternal fixation prosthesis should facilitate 'hands-free' speech with an automatic speech valve by providing counter-pressure to the stoma during speech.

Supported by TKI-LSH

Mobius 3D Technologies have, in collaboration with the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, been developing an updated jaw implant for patients where part of the jaw has to be removed due to cancer. This implant is digitally designed based on CT images. The implant is 3D printed from Titanium, with a porous interior. The aim of the redesigned 3D printed jaw implant is to offer patients a safer, more reliable and stronger alternative to current methods. This project was concluded in 2023.

Primeur: eerste succesvolle operatie met op maat 3D-geprinte titanium onderkaak in Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

Mobius is your reliable partner for medical build-to-print devices. When standard products fail to solve a medical problem, Mobius is here to manufacture customized medical devices. Consider, for example, patient-specific implants or tooling. Whether you're a medical professional or an industrial partner, you can approach us with your design or issue, and we'll ensure it is professionally printed using our metal 3D printing technology. 3D printing allows complex shapes to be produced with great design freedom. With our expertise and dedication, we deliver solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements.

Other sectors in which Mobius operates

Mobius 3D technologies is also active in other sectors in the development and production of
metal 3D printing products. We are always interested in applications of metal 3D printing.

Mobius 3D Technologies is assisting an international manufacturer with the development of gyrocopter parts from concept to practical manufacturability. We collaborate on how to combine the best of 3D printing and machining while maintaining the functionality of the design within the client's budget. As well as sharing knowledge and experience, Mobius 3D Technologies manufactures products on a 3D printer and machines printed products on a 5-axis milling machine.

Additive manufacturing offers a perfect combination of weight optimisation, energy absorption and energy efficient design. These features provide the ability to meet increasing performance requirements without the limitations of traditional manufacturing techniques. Mobius 3D Technologies enables automotive manufacturers and suppliers to integrate these complex functionalities in an economically efficient way.

Mobius 3D Technologies works with several toolmakers for whom we 3D print complex parts and systems in hardened steel. Mobius 3D Technologies also has reliable partners in the field of post-machining such as turning, milling & grinding. 

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Our services

Our team of skilled professionals work closely with researchers, healthcare professionals, and the industry to understand their requirements and develop tailored solutions. With our expertise and fast turnaround times, we offer a range of services from prototyping to full-scale manufacturing. Partner with us to bring your product ideas to life.

What do we offer?

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Design & Development

Working with you to develop innovative new medical devices is what Mobius 3D Technologies is all about. Through design and development projects, solution-oriented state-of-the-art products are created. Our expertise is combined with your knowledge and experience to bring innovative products to market.

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3D printing offers unprecedented design freedom. Mobius 3D Technologies offers consulting services for the optimal design of your product. You can provide a design that we can optimise for 3D printing, or we can design your product according to your functional requirements.

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Mobius 3D Technologies manufactures custom medical devices. Count on us for high-quality 3D printed products with fast delivery. We also produce components for industries like automotive, aerospace, and tooling.

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Mobius 3D Technologies is a 'one stop shop' for 3D printing, 5-axis CNC milling, multi-axis CNC turning, surface treatment and assembly. This ensures that your product is manufactured to your specifications.


3D print service

Of uw product nu uniek is of de eerste van velen, u kunt rekenen op Mobius 3D Technologies. Met onze 3D-printdiensten realiseren wij een snelle productontwikkeling en innovatieve fabricage, van idee tot eindproduct. Profiteer van onze geavanceerde faciliteiten voor additieve productie en expertise om uw 3D-project vandaag nog te starten.

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Mobius 3D Technologies develops innovative medical devices to improve patient care and reduce costs. Mobius uses, among other things, state-of-the-art metal 3D printing for its product development. Mobius values close cooperation and achieves this through accessibility, short links and personal contact. Mobius uses a solution-oriented approach based on the stakeholders request and our specialist knowledge. Within Mobius, we keep challenging each other to continuously improve ourselves, our processes and products.


Mobius 3D Technologies is committed to supplying medical devices worldwide, thereby providing affordable care with the best solutions for the patient. Mobius is a trusted development partner with short links within Dutch hospitals and strives to be the first choice for the delivery of custom made 3D printed metal devices. As a modern and inclusive company, Mobius is socially involved in, among other things, reducing waste.

The Mobius team

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Boris van Putten


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Marit Buitenhuis
Medical engineer



Seija van Lochem
Medical engineer


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Jasper Bakker
Production manager


A United Dutch Industries partner

Mobius 3D Technologies is part of United Dutch Industries, a group of Dutch companies focused on providing the most competitive, innovative, reliable and capable engineering, integrated 3D printing techniques, machining, system assembly and industrial repairs.



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Frequently asked questions

3D printing offers many advantages. The free-form design of 3D printing offers endless possibilities. It allows complex shapes to be produced and weight reduced by hollowing, meshing and topology optimisation. Material use is minimised through the efficient use and reuse of printing powder. Parts can be produced quickly without the need for complicated tools, moulds or machining programmes. In addition, multiple parts can be integrated into one assembly. 3D printing is an advantageous production technique if your product has complex shapes to machine, expensive base materials, time pressures or a combination of these factors. 

The properties of our materials are similar to those of similar cast products. To achieve the right quality, we have a 'world-class' quality management system that constantly monitors the production process. We also invest heavily in researching and exploring the unlimited possibilities offered by additive manufacturing. Would you like more information? Please contact us!

For production, we use an additive manufacturing technique called Laser Powder Bed Fusion. In this technique, metal powder is applied to the building plate layer by layer from a reservoir. Two lasers are used to fuse each layer together.

We print in aluminium (AlSi10Mg(B)), stainless steel (316L) and titanium (Ti6Al4V, grade 23). For the application of other materials, please feel free to discuss the possibilities. If there is sufficient demand, we will expand our product range. Please do not hesitate to contact us if the material you require is not in our range.

We can print anything up to a size of 245 x 245 x 280mm. Sometimes larger products are possible by carefully dividing the product. Even if you have larger products, please contact us. We do not shy away from challenges and will work with you and the network at our disposal to find a solution.

We can print within ±0.1mm when a product occupies most of the build plate. For smaller products, the accuracy is in the ± 0.1 mm to ± 0.05 mm range. With CNC finishing we can achieve even tighter tolerances of up to ± 0.05mm.

Delivery times for printed products are usually up to 3 weeks. We also have a 'fast track' for products with a shorter lead time (<1 week).

You can contact us for machining services such as tapped holes, heat treatment, external and internal surface treatment and assembly. Please also contact us if you require a finishing option that we do not currently offer. We are always open to expanding our capabilities and meeting your needs.

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